5 Best Tips to Prepare for a Music Festival

Being in a music festival is one of the most enjoyable summer activities. But just like any other occasion, this is one place you don’t want to get caught unprepared. Clearly, you’ll have to stand in the sun for longer hours, sleep few hours and probably, you won’t be able to access good food. If you are looking forward to enjoying this coming summer’s music festival, you must start preparing early. Here are some tips.

How to prepare for a music festival

  1. Invest on the right backpack

Since you’ll be forced to camp until the music festival is over, you will need a bag that can carry essential items. Before you buy any backpack, ensure that it is large enough to carry everything you need including a sleeping bag. Also, ensure that it has additional pockets where you can store small items as well as a bottle holder. Last but not least, ensure that it is strong enough.

  1. Have the right items

Because you are not going to share tents with people you’ll find there, make sure you’ve bought the right tent. Other things you must never forget is your sunscreen, sunglasses as well as an umbrella simply because you might have to spend hours standing in the sun. Make sure you’ve selected the right sleeping bag as well as proper clothing. If you are a woman, carry a bikini. If you are a man, some shorts and vests will do in the sun. Lastly, ensure that you have some extra tent pegs.

  1. Make some friends earlier

Even though the music you will be hearing is fun enough, you also need to enjoy yourself. If you go there by yourself, the chances are high that you’ll dance for some few hours and get bored, but not when you have some friends beside you. If you don’t have friends already, try finding some. You can talk to your workmates, schoolmates, or neighbors to know if they will be going. If you have to go by yourself, try befriending those you find at the festival before the festival becomes wild. Doing this will maximize your enjoyment.

  1. Buy some ear plugs

You won’t be able to spend all the 24 hours dancing, shouting and chatting with friends. Occasionally, you will need to have some rest. Probably, you might have to deal with the fact that some people will want to have sex and make awkward noises. Since the festival will not lower down the volume and no one will be willing to stop having sex or making noise for you, buy some earplugs.

  1. Pack the right foods

Apparently, you won’t starve during the music festival because you will have food vendors everywhere. But what kind of food will you be eating? If you are on a diet, it won’t be a good idea to buy junk foods that come your way just because you are hungry. So, pack some healthy foods. Also, ensure you have some snacks that will keep you energized throughout your days.

  1. Don’t carry expensive electronic items

The fact is, you can trust everyone you find in the music festival. So, make sure that you have not carried anything that is valuable to you such as your laptop, expensive smartphone and more. Most probably, you won’t be able to make or receive calls, tweet or log in to your Facebook account. For that reason, look for a cheaper phone that you won’t mind getting lost.

Additional tips

  • Ensure that your money is safe – If you carry money and your ATM cards, makes sure you’ve kept them safely.
  • Find a place to park your car – You can pay for a parking spot in a town or market center that is close to where the festival will be held.
  • Carry some flashlight – You don’t want to find yourself stepping onto a drunk person or some disgusting droppings. So, ensure that you have some flashlight you can use while walking at night.

Lastly, make sure you are at your best shape of your life. Here’s the site to bikinibody workouts review that we swear by. A music festival should be fun, so, makes sure you’ve carried everything you need including the items on this list and most importantly, ensure that you are safe at all times. Since you won’t want anyone calling you all the time, make sure that you’ve finished all your most important tasks.